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Tips on How To Look & Feel Fabulous When Times are Tough?

How to Look & Feel Fab With Zero Cash

If you are an exisiting client you are experiencing how our services transform
women to become savvy shoppers by saving thousands of dollars on shopping, teach you how to create endless combinations with small number of items and how to really look & feel fabulous always!

However, for the tips below won’t cost you a cent so, there is no need to open up your wallet!

Take 15-minutes as day of Me Time

When we are busy the last person we fit in our diary is ourselves. I know that at times 15-minutes may seem impossible, but if we set ourselves boundaries and give ourselves some self-respect others will start doing it also.



15 minutes

Get excited, diarise this in your diary and get creative as you do something for you or something new each day. A few ideas can be so simple:

e.g. Eat my lunch away from my desk and even better if you are somewhere where you can see and breathe the clouds.

e.g. Read something that nourishes my soul, i.e a good novel or book is better than gossip magazines

e.g. Walk the stairs instead of the lift, take an extra 5 minutes getting ready to put make-up on, take time to breathe. I think you get the drift; this gift to you doesn’t need to be something major.

Skin Glow

Stress can really take its toll on our skin. Let’s walk towards the pantry and give your face a nice little polish.


1 tbs Honey

1 tbs cold Milk

1-2 drops of Lemon Juice

This recipe will help tightened your pores and give you a nice glow. Grab the ingredients, apply to your face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water and you are ready to spark.

Create a Zen wardrobe

Our lives can be hectic and full of clutter. A great way to look & feel fab is to ying & yang your closet for wardrobe Zen.


CD, favourite drop

If you are a softy grab a girlfriend(s)

Charity clothing bag

Rubbish bags

Fun energy.

Turn on the sounds, sip your drop and become your own Gok Wan (look good naked tv).
It you think you may become a bit of a softy with some of your items of clothing then get a girlfriend(s) to be present. She will see you with objective eyes.

Wardrobe Planning & AccessoriesAnd yes, pull everything out, I mean everything: shoes, socks, scarves, belts, the whole lot. Have 3 piles on the floor.

1: 12=18 months old or wrong size of clothing:
If you have not worn it for over this period you probably will not wear it again. Smaller or (larger) sized clothing. I know this can be a toughy as this is so common with women. You don’t need hanging reminders that depress you because you are not at your ideal weight. About 90% of our clients have changed shape so their ‘skinny’ clothes will never look good on
them again.

Women change shape four times in a life-time. Only have what makes you feel good ‘now’ in your wardrobe.

Get tough as in our next tip you will see how you can create positive energy out of these clothes.

2: Mending Pile: stains, need to repair or really tired clothes. Give them thanks for their past use and wave them goodbye. Create greater good and give them to charity or do the environment a

3:- The Clothes you wear ‘all the time’ and make you feel good! This and only these should hang in your wardrobe. File them from light to dark and itemise them, i.e. white to black short sleeve, white to black long sleeve and so on. You have no idea the zen energy this will create.

Have a Swap Party

This is a fantastic way to get new additions to your wardrobe at no cost plus it is a fun night for the gals. If you have done the above exercise you will have enough clothes to start your own
and share the below tips on how to declutter their wardrobes so you can have a fabulous night!


How to declutter your wardrobe instructions

3 different colour Post it notes



Pick a date. You can make this very simple by just having 3 tables marked as ‘cheap’ ,’midprice’ and
‘expensive’. Get everyone to mark their clothes with the corresponding post it note colour and their name. Drop the clothes in the corresponding table, play some music and let the swap begin. So simple and so effective!

La’qua Image are also putting together their own evening on Thursday June 18th.
Come and join a group of ladies for some swapping and fun dressing.

Limited numbers register here.

Create new creations as easy as 1, 2, 3

At times it is difficult to see new combinations from our everyday clothes. We love to see the surprised faces when we show our clients the endless combinations they can create with their current clothes.


Objective mind

Learn to count to 3

The rule of 3 is such a simple secret and so effective. Basically you need to have 3 items grouped together to complete your look. For example, grab a shirt, put a nice single or camy underneatch that
shows through the collar and a necklace. Bang that is 3 items. Grab a belt and you start creating even more complete outfits. The eye likes to be entertained so if you practice this you will look complete.
Before you go out the door, look at yourself in the mirrow and count 1, 2, 3.

And our last tipfor this issue ..

Give thanks for 3 things
Since we are already counting why not start to fuel our souls and open a vacuum for
some greatness to come into our lives.

When times are tough it is very hard to remain positive and we can find ourselves talking & thinking about all the things we don’t want and forget to focus
on what it is that we really want from our situations.

This is such a simple exercise to shift our thinking from lack and start to welcome abundance, and moving closer to feeling fab.


Pen & Paper


It is great if you write these 3 things on the same piece of paper or notebook so
you can start stacking up your gratitude. Just take a deep breath and as your exhale let all of the negative thoughts blow out. Grab your pen and write your 3 things to give thanks for.
Again, it doesn’t have to be major.

e.g. I had a nice smooth run on my way to work, the kids helped me get ready in the morning, my computer is running smoothly today. You are welcome to get carried away and try for more.

It is from joyous happy states that we can create better opportunities and ideas in life. “You can never solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it”.

If you enjoyed our 6-tips on How to Look & Feel Fab with Zero Cash let
us know and we will aim to deliver some more!

And remember to share your tips and tricks,to keep your moods uplifted and, to look
& feel fabulous too! Click here and have your say

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